Expensify – “Expense reports that don’t suck”

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In Expensify’s own words “they are expense reports that don’t suck”. Expensify helps you track and categorise expenses. You simply signup for an account on the web, and then you use the web interface to enter expenses, organise expenses, and fill-out expense reports for company reimbursements.

Expensify provides a mobile app that you download to your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry device – this is where I found Expensify shine. You use the mobile app to enter, categorise and make notes about expenses using your phone. You can also use your phone to take pictures of the receipts that you attach to your expenses to upload to your account.

In addition to basic expense tracking, there are some other cool features of Expensify, including:

  • Upload Receipts: You can take pictures of receipts with the app on your phone, upload them to your account, and then associate them with the proper expense.
  • Attach email receipts: If you get a receipt through email, you can forward it to your Expensify account, create an entry for it, and then link the emailed receipt to the expense.
  • Track mileage expenses: You can enter mileage expenses into Expensify as well. It has a mapping feature that lets you put in destination points and the miles are calculated automatically. You can change word miles to kilometers, as Expensify can calculate both.
  • Chart and graph expenses: Track expenses by type, vendor, over time and more.
  • Import expenses from a credit card: If you use a credit card for your business expenses, you can automatically import the entries into Expensify.
  • Free for personal use: Arguably the best feature! There is no charge to use the tool to track personal expenses.

I’m sure there’s more, as I’m still learning the tool. If anyone has anymore tips, please leave them in the comments below!


About JLH Bookkeeping

JLH Bookkeeping can be found in the heart of the Yarra Valley. We provide an extensive range of services to small business owners Australia wide. JLH exists to manage all your bookkeeping needs.
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