Today I Am Grateful

Today. Started off a normal, typical, Thursday, day off from work, no sleep,kid up sick throughout the night, kids dropped at school, baby #3 and I off to food shop.Such a non event.
Food purchased, grabbed a coffee(for breakfast), all the while baby # 3 screaming his guts out when I said NO to any and everything he wanted to grab and smash. I’ve had a tough few weeks. The screaming made me want to give him up for adoption then and there! Kidding…sort of. Patience and care factor was nearly non-existent.

I have had some challenges with my business the past few weeks, they have had a big BIG impact on me personally, I continued to think to myself ‘I don’t want to go home to the office and face this BS again’. So I continued to wonder the shopping centre..procrastinating and feeling sorry for myself. A fellow bookkeeper contacted me about her current client being completely neglectful of her and taking her for granted. (I know how valuable she is) That made me even more….ugggh! Why? why WHY?

I had almost done my full lonely lap of the shops, when I came across a lonely old table, and a middle aged gentlemen sitting behind it. As I walked past I noticed they were selling Merchandise for the Vietnam Vets. I got my purse out and immediately purchased a pin and a pen! Of course – always happy to help out.

I began chatting with this gentlemen,Glen, the VET, and automatically baby#3 went completely quiet. We started chatting about how long the stall would be here for, what branch they were from blah blah. He then started explaining the meaning behind a few of the badges and the fact that they can only fundraiser like this for 2 weeks out of a full year!

My lip started quivering, my eyes started warning me that they were about to release the flood! Glen continued to tell me how he was involved, how he has had 8 major surgeries on his arms and legs from driving over land mines in a bobcat. I’m sorry…whaaaat? He then went into detail about his mates injured, his family effected, the countless number of wounded and killed – of course, none of this is new to us. However!

Here I am, feeling sorry for myself because I lost a few clients, I am exhausted, my kids are sick, and my husband is away, working …on a bob cat!
The guilt that came over me, the quick shove back down to reality and smarten up all slapped me in the face at once!
Bang…roll on the tears.  He gave me a hug, I returned the gesture, Apologised, and escaped as quickly as possible to hide and wipe my face! what a sook…but it hit me hard.

We are here, able to work, freely because of these people, their sacrifices, their struggles.All service men and women. How quickly we forget.
Yes we all have our own struggles, but we are only publicly reminded once or twice a year about what these people did and do for us.

So, lesson learnt from today. When there is a black fog hanging over your head and you question the WHY, not just in business but life in general. Look around you, remember the past and ground yourself. Life isn’t so bad, it could be much much worse. Make the most of it.


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JLH Bookkeeping can be found in the heart of the Yarra Valley. We provide an extensive range of services to small business owners Australia wide. JLH exists to manage all your bookkeeping needs.
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